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Old Spice No Country For Grayman’ is a commercial Directed by Prodigi Arts Los Angeles Director of Phototography Jeredon O'Conner, released exclusively on The Wieden+Kennedy created ad shows you a behind the scenes look at the onset life of one of the internet’s beloved characters, Grayman (the figure we encounter holding our favorite products when we’re online shopping). 


The creative, ideated by Wieden+Kennedy’s Kamey Murphy (copywriter) and Cameron Sloane (art director) explores this character’s career struggle as he cannot properly demonstrate Old Spice’s new product ‘The EZ Squeeze’. It’s so easy, everyone can do it, right? Well that’s easy for you to have hands. Our beloved Grayman did not. He’s just a stagnant gray figure on The ad shows crew member after crew member gets frustrated with Grayman because he can’t do the simple task of easily squeezing the bottle - after all, it’s in the name. 

Greyman Crew.JPG
Greyman Crew 2.JPG

‘Old Spice No Country for Grayman’ is the first project Prodigi Arts helped to create with Wieden+Kennedy.


Excluding the ideation of the spot, the creation of this commercial took one month from pre-production through delivery.

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